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How to start a business with R350

By Nomusa Precious Buthelezi · Feb 24, 2022
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Do you need to start a business with limited start up capital? Are you tired of not having a job and not being able to meet your daily financial needs?


Let me take you through a simple business that will not be taking more than 10% of your time everyday. Selling Mpesu!


Many men in South Africa engage in sexual activities daily, some of them have poor sexual performance because of many reasons, some including diabetic conditions, poor and low libido, weak erection, early ejaculation and more.

Mpesu remedy all the above mentions limitations and it is also a natural product, meaning it is not harmful at all and has zero side effects. 


It is grown and grinded from a tree bark found in Venda in Limpopo province. I personally have been selling the product, with repeat customers since 2019! 

This is the reason why I am confident in expanding and also allowing others to have a share in the growing need of Mpesu nationwide.


You might be asking yourself well, where and how will I get customers? They are all around you, plus, I will be adding each distributor to a private group and a WhatsApp group where we will be focusing on proven strategies to get only buying customers, get access to marketing material that can be branded with own information etc.


If you are tired of sitting and not ding anything about your financial state don't hesitate to order your R400pack now!

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Posted by Joseph Ngoza on Sep 12, 2023
Good I'm Joseph from Nelspruit Mpumalanga and I also want to be a distributor
Hello Joseph and thank you for your interest in being a Mpesupreneur! Kindly WhatsApp us your preferred contact number so that we can design a free poster for you, our number is 068 533 5593, thank you !
— Mpesupreneur
Posted by Lucas on Mar 6, 2023
Hi! I am in Richards bay I would like to be Mpesu distributor
Helo Lucas, please check the email sent for further details on being a distributor. Briefly, whats needed is your contact number and area, which I think is Richards Bay, we will then make a free poster for you to use to advertise and test the market in your area before ordering. I hope this is helpful, please also feel free to utilize our WhatsApp number 068 533 5593 to speed things up.
— Mpesupreneur
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