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Mpesu Libido Booster 50 grams

Mpesu Libido Booster 50 grams

$ 8

Venda Powder for men


-Put 1 teaspoon of Mpesu in hot water in a cup and drink everything once cool.


You can also prepare Mpesu (2 spoons) in 1 litre Mageu 3 days in advance, mix and store out of the fridge, drink a cup on the day of activity.


-Allow 4 hours before activity after taking Mpesu, some

have reported Mpesu working in 2 hours


Take Mpesu on an empty stomach . in the morning

-If you have diabetes, this is your solution

-100% natural

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Customer reviews

3.0 out of 5
(based on 2 reviews)
Great customer service
Mr Ndlovu on Jun 23, 2022
During kzn floods I ordered and my parcel was damaged usisi Nomusa wangisiza waphinda WA replacer order yami and thanks nange extra mpesu as a sorry gift
Thank you for your feedback!
— Mpesupreneur
Clean your stomach before using Mpesu you will see good results
Tyulu Tyulu on Jun 21, 2022
I drink my mpesu with mageu I soak it it for 2 days after that I drink it make wonders in bed round after round it doesn't disappoint
Thank you for your review!
— Mpesupreneur
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